Sunday, December 19, 2010

One thing that I will miss here

Yesterday, I posted about something that I will NOT miss here--icy, cold weather.  Well, today, I am going to post something that I WILL miss here--family.  We had our family Christmas gathering yesterday at my brother's house in Cincinnati.  We had a GREAT time!!  I plan on being there next Christmas, but as we all know, we don't really know what the future has in store for each of us. 

We have been taking this same picture every year for the last 16 years, ever since my mother passed away and my brother started hosting our annual family Christmas party.  It is amazing how fast time goes by when you see how some of the kids are in their 20's now. 

My 86 year old aunt is the only one left of her siblings.  Less than 5 years ago, both of her sisters and her brother (my dad) were still alive.  We weren't sure if she was going to be able to come this year, but we were really happy that she did.

My sister and her husband of 28 years (I think) were also there.  My sister and I are very close and I will miss seeing her on a weekly basis.  We also like to go to Tunica, MS to gamble a couple of times of the year.  We always have a blast!!  But I told her that I think there are casinos in Ecuador, although I'm not sure there are any in Cuenca if that is where we end up.  Hopefully, Cuenca will be a place that everyone will want to visit us.  Looking forward to visiting there in Feb. 09.  Hasta luego!!

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