Monday, April 18, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun!!

Well, the countdown has begun.  We only have 5 days left.  We have crossed off almost everything on our list.  We even sold Pat's truck today which was one of the big things.

But, before I get ahead of myself.  Our daughters surprised us "big time" last Friday night with an awesome going away party.  Pat and I did everything we could to blow things for them, but they pulled it off anyway.  Caitlin did most of the planning and Elizabeth had to get us there.  Pat's brother and sister-in-law, Gary and MaryJo, even drove down from Pittsburgh for the party.  They called and said that they wanted to see us before we left, so they drove down on Friday night.  Elizabeth drove down from Cincinnati for Thunder Over Louisville (a Derby kickoff event).  I got home late from work (my last closing...Yea!!). 

So we started talking about what to do for dinner.  Pat and I opted for pizza, but Elizabeth kept saying that she wanted a hamburger from the Corner Door (they make the BEST hamburgers in town).   Pat and I said, "We have gift cards from Applebee's.  You can get a hamburger there."  Elizabeth whined, "We went to Applebee's the last time I was home."  I remembered thinking, "Have we totally spoiled our kids, or what?"

Finally, we all agreed to go to the Corner Door.  We drive up there (only a couple of blocks, but it was raining) and could not find a place to park.  I said, "I'll drop you all off and go back home and leave the car and meet you inside."  Elizabeth said, "Go with your wife, Dad.  Don't make her walk by herself."  I said, "That's OK, I'll be right there."  (Little did I know until later what a pain we were being).  Well, I did find a parking spot down the street and hurried to catch up.  Gary was talking pictures outside while they waited for me.  He insisted on taking this picture:

It was taking us forever to get inside.  As we walked in, Elizabeth came up saying, "I got us a table in the back."  As we followed her I saw there was something special going on in the back and I said, "Elizabeth, we can't go back there, they are having a party back there".  (I could see a cake on the table).  She insisted we follow her.  As we entered the room, we hear "SURPRISE!!!"  I was SHOCKED as you can see:

I couldn't believe that they surprised us, and as you can read from before, we did not make it easy on them.  We had a blast and some old and wonderful friends  and family were there:

Co-workers from Semonin Realtors

Victor from Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA and Pat

My brother, Steve, his grandson, Jacob, and my cousin, Candy

My sister, Sally, and I with my Aunt Catherine who is 86 years young

My brother, Steve, with my brother-in-law, Bob

Mike and Sandra (they are going to be the keepers of Pat's piano for a while) and I

Pat and Mary Jo have worked together for years

Great table and decorations

Co-workers Bob and Carolyn, Pete and Betty (with their backs to us)

The 2 Mary Jo's

Elizabeth talking to the family

Dave (owner of the Corner Door) with Pat and friends

Mary Jo and I

Pat's brother, Gary (who took most of the pics) and his wife, Mary Jo

As you can see, we all had a blast.  And our two wonderful daughters pulled it all together:

Caitlin and Elizabeth (aren't they beautiful?)

Wonderful job, Caitlin!!!

Pat and his 2 gorgeous daughters (what a proud papa!!)

Then as the night went on, Dave brought out the shots of tequila:

Pat and Dave


Shots all around (notice who is just a step ahead of everyone else..)

And then last but not least, something that Pat likes to get started, and then everyone else joins in......sucking helium balloons and talking like Munchkins:

Pat got things started

Followed by Jenny

Then Evan joined in....

It was REALLY funny, although my sister thinks they are doing something to their brain cells when they do that.  All in all, it was a GREAT party and we had an awesome time!! 

Thanks Caitlin and Elizabeth for TOTALLY surprising your parents.  We will miss you and think about you both!!  Love, Mom and Dad