Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Last Christmas Season in the States???

Hola!  Pat and I having been practicing our Spanish hoping that we will know how to say something in Spanish when we visit Ecuador in February.  It is amazing how difficult it is to learn a new language as a 50-something year old.

My Monthly Bunco Group

Last night, I went to Derby Dinner Playhouse to see "Forever Plaid Tidings"--a really funny and entertaining Christmas program with my bunco group.   It is amazing how you think about things differently when you realize that you may not be around next year.   It has made me really appreciate the moments more.

Today, I have been writing and addressing Christmas cards.  It is amazing how hard it is to find Christmas cards with a "Christ" theme in the stores anymore.   It seems like we have to be so accepting and tolerant of everything else except Christianity.   It is like we have forgotten what Christmas is all about.

I have been reading and re-reading every blog that I can about Cuenca.  It is amazing how we just decided to visit Ecuador less than 8 weeks ago to see if it is something that we might consider.  And after doing more research and reading several blogs of ex-pats who have made the move, Pat and I are thinking that it is probably a "done deal".  We are really getting excited about the possible move.  It is mind boggling to think about all of the details that are involved.  Hasta luego, Sue

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