Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our New Digs

I'm sorry for the delay in posting pics of our new digs in Cuenca.  It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  First, we had to pack up everything and get it moved to our new place.  But even before that, I had to clean everything in the new place.  The landlords had it newly painted and there was dust everywhere.  But finally everything was clean and we had some young Ecuadorian friends (Beverly,  her husband, Saul, and a couple of his friends)  to help us move our "stuff".  I'm sorry that I did not take some photos.  I just don't think about it until it is too late.  But, I do have pictures of our new apartment, so here goes:

We don't have our living room furniture yet, it is supposed to be delivered next week

Our new recliners -  We LOVE them!!!  Notice our boxes we are currently using for furniture.  We just got a new TV stand last night.

Our bright and sunny kitchen

Guest Bedroom - don't you love the built-ins?

Now I want to show you some of the views from our windows and from our little balcony.  This is what really sold us on this apartment.  Take a look:

There is a wonderful Hotel next door - Hostale La Casone and you can see the blue domes by Parque Calderon in the background

Check out the mountains in the background

This is a really nice garden that we can see from our kitchen window.  I really love the beautiful palm tree.

It is really nice when the sun is out.  Naturally the last week has been particularly gloomy and cold, but today the sun is out and I am happy.  I will take more shots of the inside of the apartment when we have all of our furniture delivered or bought.  We are having a hard time finding some of the smaller pieces, like end tables to put by our recliners.  We might have to have them individually made.  But, it is amazing, that just when we thought we have seen all of the furniture places, we found the perfect kitchen table in a small place on .  So we are not going to give up just yet.

I am really happy in our new place.  For those of you who know us from Kentucky, it feels like when we moved from the country in Oldham County to the city in the Highlands of Louisville.  Everything is alot closer to where we live now.  The Supermaxi (supermarket) is right around the corner.  And El Centro (downtown Cuenca) is only about a 5 minute walk instead of 15-20 minutes.   

Maybe since we don't have to do so much extra walking, our backs won't be bothering us so much.  My back has doing alot better over the last couple of weeks and I think part of it was my shoes.  I was wearing my Reebok Princess shoes everywhere.  They are the shoes that I would wear casually around the States, but I think they were not good enough for all of the walking that we do here.  So I have been wearing my Nike workout shoes everywhere and I think that has been helping my back.  So when I go back to the States for the holidays, I will have buy several pairs of good walking shoes.  One thing I have learned about Cuenca, Ecuador, is that they definitely do not carry my size shoe, especially in a good walking shoe.

Well, enough for now.  Will try to blog again soon.  Hasta luego, Sue