Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts for the coming year

I have been voraciously reading everyone else's blogs over the last few weeks.  It is like I cannot get enough information about Ecuador, especially Cuenca.  I am one of these people who likes to be as prepared as possible when I undergo a new task.  And possibly moving to another country qualifies as "a new task".  

Pat and I have been pretty diligent at studying Spanish over the last few weeks.  I am finding it is getting alittle bit easier as I learn more each day.  I am still sure that when we actually get there and someone starts to speak Spanish to us, we will stand there with our mouths hanging open.  Not knowing what they are saying nor how to respond.  We are now about 6 weeks away from our informational trip.  And we are getting really excited.

The down side - this whole situation has been a difficult time for my youngest daughter.  She is 21 years old, but she does not want us to move.  When she was 18, we moved from the house she was born in to a house in the city (about 12 miles away) and she was not happy then.  She is particularly frustrated and angry that we would consider moving so far away and leaving her all alone.  But we (mostly I) have decided that the only way that she will really grow up and function as an independent young woman is for me not to be close by to help "save" her when she needs rescuing.  It has been a very difficult process over the last couple of months.  Did anyone else who has made the transition have a difficult time with your adult children not wanting you to move?   When you are going through the process, you feel like you are the only one who is experiencing the difficulties.  So I would love some feedback.

When Pat and I initially contemplated a move, we were just going down to "check things out", which we will be doing in February.  But as I have been reading all of the blogs from expats in Cuenca, I just feel like it is pretty much a "done deal".  Unless everyone has been greatly exaggerating how things are, I believe that we will make the move during 2011.  It sounds like something that we will enjoy. 

But how do you start to let go of things here in the US?  Anybody have any good answers?  I believe this is the path that we are destined to take, but you always have doubts when you make a big move.  Well, enough of the seriousness--I guess it is a result of a new year.  People tend to be more reflective at the beginning of a new year, especially when you think ahead to the end of the year and all that might take place during the next 12 months.   Who knows what the future holds?   


  1. Sue - Did you see this post from Shelly at Hurst Traverse: Mother's Guilt. You two should talk. Mary

  2. Thanks, I think Shelly has been down there during the holidays. I have been waiting to read her blog once she got back to see what she thought. I did read that about a mother's guilt a few weeks ago. I need to re-read it. I think she has sons. I wonder if she would feel differently if her kids were daughters. What do you think? Sue

  3. Our 28 yr old is happy either. After digging a little deeper, we found out she was getting alot of questions from her friends about the what and why of our contemplating moving. Since she knows our reasons (and that they sound alarmist to people her age), that seems to be the root of her discomfort....besides our being 10 hrs away. Who knew.

  4. I just starting reading your blog Sue, and like you, I am reading blogs for hours on end gleaning as much info as possible before our trip in a month!

    I'm the momma of 2 boys, 17 and 23, and bonus mom to a son 26 and daughter 23. I am very close to my boys. Both of Ken's kids are grown and on their own, both expecting next month! My 23 yr old is on his own, and is very excited about our possible move. He might join us, yikes! He is very independent like his mom here, and my 17 yr old is coming with us to Salinas to help us 'check out the place'. He thinks it would be cool to 'vacation' in Ecuador during college breaks...how many kids can say that? Well, the kids of these bloggers, but many in my circle find our desire to move abroad frightening and exciting, and confusing.

    Just my 2cents worth, if that. Keep writing, and I will keep reading!