Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parades in Cuenca - Part 2

Parades - Part 2

Last weekend, Pat and I went sitting in Parque Calderon and it looked like a parade might be starting soon, so we thought we would hang around for a while.  Well, an hour later, they finally got started.  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

And of course, the streetsweepers clean up after the parade is over.

We weren't sure what the purpose of the parade was, but there was a special celebration taking place down on Tres de Noviembre by the Rio Tomabamba.  So we thought they were holding a parade so that people would follow them down to the booths they had set up.  It was alot of fun to watch.  Another fun Saturday morning in Cuenca!!

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  1. Thanks for the photos Sue. I love the parades, but hardly ever "happen" upon them. P.S. Glad you are back from the US.