Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dos Chorreras - Part 2

Additional pictures of Dos Chorreras Visit - I think I took about 140 pictures altogether.

This was an old mining site.  I have additional pictures of inside the mine.

An old chapel where the people worshipped

This is a picture of an anaconda skeleton.  It was really scary looking!

Pat drinking a sample of a really good hot herbal tea

Tienda means "shop" in Spanish

Chicken with a run of the property

An underground spring inside the mine

Where the miners used to hang out (the bar) inside the mine

Then we went on a hike along the river.  It was phenomenal!

An old town along the river

Beautiful scenery all around

All of us next to the river

I didn't mention the cost of the excursion.  It costs $45.00 per person and it includes all of the things that I mentioned in my last post.  We did not do the horseback riding or the fishing, but we throughly enjoyed everything else.  We all had a great time and would recommend the trip to everyone.  Hasta luego!!  Sue

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  1. Did you guys stay the night? What cost were involved in that? I was thinking once our daughter comes maybe Steve and I can get away for a nice weekend.