Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dos Chorreras with Carol and George

We had a lovely time a couple of weeks ago when Pat and I visited Dos Chorreras in the Cajas with Carol and George Evans (from CA Kitchen).  We had been talking about going for several months.  And we finally got together.  Dos Chorreras is a wonderful place to spend the day.  It is about 20 minutes outside of Cuenca in the Cajas Mountains which are toward Guayaquil.  The people at Dos Chorreras offer a wonderful package which includes a transfer to/from the hotel, welcome drink, lunch, visit to Poblado Guavidula, horseback riding, boat ride, fishing, and hiking. 

They came to Cuenca to pick us up and took us back to their resort. 

Me, Pat, Carol and George in front of Dos Chorreras

As you come into the front entrance

The restaurant is really charming

We're not sure where George picked up this guy!

This is our wonderful English speaking guide, Enrique.  He was in the van that picked us up in Cuenca.

This picture is from one of the rooms in the hotel.  They were very nice.

From inside the hotel to the grounds outside

The views are spectacular

Then we took a tour of an indigenous village that is just up the hill from the hotel

This is one of the cool things to see

This is a shot of the original road between Guayaquil and Cuenca.  Many indigenous people still make the trek over the mountains every year.

I think I will make another blog post with additional pictures of Dos Chorreras.  There are just too many other good pictures not to include them in my blog.  I would recommend visiting Dos Chorreras to everyone.

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