Sunday, May 29, 2011

Road Trip to Paute, Ecuador

Another road trip - it looks like this is getting to be a weekly occurrence.  Only this time the weather did not cooperate as well as it has during our last couple of road trips.  But I still have some nice pics:

This is the town square in Paute.  It was very overcast and cloudy.  You can't even see the mountains in the background of this picture.  But what a nice park!

We drove around town a little bit and ended up at a nice little restaurant in town called Corvel.  It was very cute and had a really nice outside seating area.  Take a look:

Mick, Kathy & Pat

Mick, Kathy, Pat & Sue (I finally show up in a picture)

How cute is this place?

This was our cute, little waitress.  She could barely see over the counter.

Me in front of a wall of really nice wall designs (like little bird houses)

Kathy & Nick in front of a wall of hanging plants

A huge coffee tree was just far enough away from the deck so we couldn't pick some and take them home.  Darn!!

There was a really cool pot sitting there.  I wasn't really sure what it was for.  Maybe just decoration.

I just loved all of the decorations that they had around this restaurant.

Pat and I have been having so much fun on these road trips with Mick and Kathy.  I'm sure we would not have been seeing as much of Ecuador outside of Cuenca if it were not for them.  Tomorrow I will have some postings for Kathy's surprise birthday party that George and Carol Evans of California Kitchen held for her tonight.  

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