Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kathy's Surprise Birthday Party

Carol Evans from the California Kitchen emailed us last week about a surprise birthday party for Kathy Wesson at the California Kitchen.  And she and George pulled it off on Sunday night.  We all had a wonderful time and a great dinner of lasagna, corn, salad, bread, wine, and iced tea.  And the chocolate birthday cake was the best.  Here is Kathy as she walked in:


I think even Nicky was surprised!

And everybody sang "Happy Birthday, dear Kathy!"

Kathy talking to Hank and Sherry (some of the guests)

Linn & Cardell with George in the background

Larry, Brennie, Frances and Linda

Rod & Carlos

Annie, Jim & Susie

Kathy with the Birthday Hat

Kathy blowing out the candles

Kathy making a wish - more money or more sex?

Mick & Kathy talking to Carol, Jim & Annie

What a great time was had by all.  Usually it is Kathy who is cooking for everyone else.  It was nice that she realized how much she is loved by her Cuencan friends.  I hope that she had the best birthday ever.  I was glad that we were a part of the celebration.  Happy Birthday, Kathy!!  And many more!!!

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  1. Sue, thank you so much for your lovely blog and also, your help with making it a surprise! Kathy