Friday, February 11, 2011

Starting to Pack

Well, I am finally starting to pack.  We are going to try to take some extra suitcases this time and leave some of it there for when we come back.  That way, we won't have to take so many extra suitcases when we come back for good.

It is hard to believe that we will be in Ecuador a week from tomorrow.  It has been a particularly bad winter here in the United States, and it seemed like our travel time would never come.  Now we are getting excited.  And we have been saving our one dollar bills (especially the really new ones) .  I feel like I have been reading all of the blogs and re-reading some of the information that I didn't want to forget.   I'm sure there will be some things forgotten.

All of our friends and family are not sure what to make us.  They keep asking, "Are you still going to Ecuador?"  But when I show them some of the pictures and the blogs that I follow, then they seem somewhat envious.  Although most of them keep saying that they are not brave to make such a move. 

Pat has stopped telling people that we are moving there.  He is just saying that we are "going on an adventure in South America."  But I don't mind telling the same story over and over.  I keep telling people to follow my blog, although I haven't really been posting as often as I think I will once we get there.  All I have really been doing now is -- going through all of our stuff, purging, sorting, etc. and learning Spanish.  And that doesn't seem exciting enough to write about.   Like who would be interested.

Hasta luego!!  Sue


  1. Wishing you a all the best,Sue and Pat. I know how you feel right now! You're smart to do your move in two stages. That's our plan, too. I can already see what I need to bring back, e.g., a good teakettle and more shoes! Take a deep breath and enjoy the adventure. The ex-pats in your area will be your angels--all of them are so helpful. And the Ecuadorians are so kind. Don't worry about anything. Bon Voyage! (We're moving to the coast (Bahia de Caraquez, and then Coco Beach Village, but we hope to meet up someday!)

  2. Hi Pat & Sue,

    This is Mike & Patty. We've been following your blog and hope to meet you when you're in Cuenca. We've been here for six months now. Wow how time flies!!

  3. Mike & Patty, I can't wait to meet you two. I, too, have been following your blog. How are you settling in? It just seems like there is so much to do.

  4. Don't worry about anything; there are enough Americans here now that if you forget anything, they have what you forgot! The Spanish will come ...poco a will all come together! Enjoy your trip!

  5. If you love it here half as much as I do ........
    Well ...... life is sweet.

  6. I'm glad to see you're going to be well taken care of down there. Love you Mommy. :)

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