Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our New Digs in Cuenca

We knew that when we came here to check things out, we were checking  to see if we might want to move back here later this spring.  We were looking at possible places to live.  Well, we have already found a wonderful place for us to live.  We thought it was too good to be true and we did look around at a couple of other places, but this place turned out to be everything that we wanted (except maybe a balcony).  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, living room, dining room, TV area upstairs, lots of windows, and great views.  Take a look at some of these pictures.

Front of the building (our building is the one toward the back) - It has a 24/7 security guard.

We are the top floor in the back (the bump out is from the kitchen).  The bedrooms are above that.

Views across the street (note the island in the river--hence, the name "La Isla" for the building)

Another view of the river

Yet another view

From across the river back toward the building (we are the one on the right toward the back)

It is also totally furnished which will save us some money and time when we come back in late April.  Check out the pics from the inside:

The living room with a great view out the window

Another view of the living room and the steps to the second floor

Dining room off of the kitchen

The TV room in the upstairs foyer.  It is very comfortable.

Bedroom #1

Closet in Bedroom #1 (all of the closets have built-in dressers)

Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom (all of the beds and night stands were handmade here)

Built in Closet in the Master Bedroom.  There is also a little office off of the master bedroom and a full bath.

Fully Equipped Kitchen with everything except a built in dishwasher.  The view out the window over the kitchen sink looks out at the Tomebamba River.  It is very pretty.

Pat wanted me to post the following picture as a picture of our new place.  He even sent this picture to his brother and said it was our new place. 

Just kidding, Gary!!

As you can see, the apartment is really nice.  And the rent includes everything except the internet and propane gas (to heat the water and to cook with).  The gas tanks only cost about $3.00 a tank which lasts about a month for 2 people.  We are going to be able to move into the apartment on Monday and stay there until we come back on Friday instead of staying at the hotel.  So we are very excited about seeing what it might feel like to live here for a few days.  And we can leave the extra stuff that we brought with us in the apartment where we will be living.  How great is that!!

Tonight we are having dinner with some new American friends and we are looking forward to it.  Gotta go for now.  Hasta luego!!


  1. How exciting, Sue! I'm so happy that you found a great place to live - it was meant to be! Enjoy the rest of the stay in your new digs!

  2. Fantastic!! So glad you found such a great place so quickly. Let's get together soon. We're still unwinding from our trip to Cotacachi but hopefully can meet you folks soon.

  3. Very happy for you, and it was very nice to be able to spend time with you! If not before, we will definitely catch up with you when you return!

  4. Sounds like the adventure is going very well. Glad to see there's room for visitors!