Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Day in Banos #3

While we were staying at Luna Runtun, we needed to use a taxi to take us from the hotel down to the city of Banos every day, so we used Rodrigo as our taxi driver every day.  His daughter, Patricia, spoke excellent English, so she was very helpful.  On Wednesday, they offered to drive us from Banos to Puyo along the Avenue of the Waterfalls.  But our first stop was at the zip-line.  First Pat, then me:

It was SO much fun!!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the canyon and river that we crossed during the ride, but it was really fun.  Then we stopped several times along the way to Puyo.

This is Rodrigo (our taxi driver and guide), his daugter, Patricia (our interpreter) and her 2 year old daughter, Emilia at the Manto De La Novia waterfall

Another shot of the Manto De La Novia (means Bridal Veil) waterfall

Next we stopped at Pailon Del Diablo Rio Verde--the next waterfall on the way.  But first, Pat made a new friend:

His friend's name is  "Boa Constrictor".  It was pretty cool, but I wasn't about to put that thing on MY shoulders.

From the top of the waterfalls

From the Bridge toward the waterfalls

Pat and I from the Bridge

Check out the old lava flow (we think it was from the Tungurahua volcano that was located several miles away) that we could see from the bridge

More stops along the way produced the following pictures:

A View of the Pastaza River from a bluff along the road

Patricia and Emilia at a Bird Sanctuary

A monkey that was running around free in the bird sanctuary

Another view of the monkey (he was so cute and mischievous)

A really cool ostrich at the bird sanctuary

A Macaw at the bird sanctuary (he sure made alot of noise)

This monkey was at a monkey preserve that we went to.  I didn't take many pictures because Pat was videotaping alot of the monkeys running around.  This was a prserve for rescued monkeys.  Some of them are being rehabilitated to go back into the wild.

This river was a part of the monkey preserve.  It was really jungle-like there.

All in all, we had a GREAT day.  It was a little bit exhausting, but we had a wonderful time.  Until next time, hasta luego!!  Sue


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for the photos. We will have to put this on our TO DO list..

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