Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Public Apology

I owe my dear husband of almost 28 years, Pat, a public apology.  My last post (which has since been deleted) did not present my husband in the best light.  And I want to say that I am very sorry for that, especially since I wrote and published my comments so publicly.  I have learned (or possibly re-learned) a couple of things over the last couple of days.  1)  I am extremely hard headed; 2)  I should never write a blog post at 2:30am in the morning.   Good things will not come from that. 

I'm not sure how my husband has tolerated some things about me for so many years.  I have always been extremely outspoken and my mouth has gotten me into trouble many times in my lifetime (going as far back as elementary school when I got sent to the principal's office for saying the wrong thing to a teacher).  Anyway, I won't say anything else about that.  I am married to a wonderful, funny, and tolerate man and I really don't deserve him.  Again, I am very sorry, Pat.  I hope it never happens again (I wish I could say "it will NEVER happen again", but too many times, I speak before thinking, so it is possible that I will stick my foot in my mouth again in the future).  If I do, I am apologizing in advance.   I love you, Sue


  1. Oh, Sue! I can relate - I have "foot in mouth" condition too.
    I didn't see the last post (couldn't figure out then why the link wouldn't display, but now understand).
    Do what I do - I keep a daily journal where I write down everything - even my most dark thoughts - just to "get it out"....but very few of my journal entries actually end up on my blog..
    I also like to write late at night, and if I suspect that maybe too much wine was talking...I sit on posts until the next day before publishing.
    Hugs to your husband, and don't kick yourself too hard.

  2. Kudos, Sue for a wonderful post. I agree with Leigh - don't beat yourself up.