Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving to a new place in Cuenca

It has been a few difficult weeks for Pat and me.  First, he hurt his back, then I hurt my back.  And then back to Pat being in pain.  It has not been alot of fun.  We have decided a couple of things. One, we have lived too many years relaxing in recliners in the States.  We moved into a furnished apartment here in Cuenca and it does not have any recliners.  So, we have decided that it is time to buy our own furniture.  And I have changed my walking shoes to a more comfortable pair.

Also, our six month lease is up in our current apartment, so we are moving in a couple of weeks.  We are very excited about the move.  We are moving into an unfurnished apartment, so we will be able to buy furniture that is comfortable to us.  So we have been spending the last few days shopping around.  And the location of the apartment is much closer to shops (Supermaxi--like Kroger in the States, and Millelium Plaza which has movie theaters and a food court) and el Centro.  This Saturday, we are going shopping with our new Ecuadorian friend, Beverly Gonzalez.  I am going to write another blog with more details about her.  She is interested in becoming more available for gringos coming to Cuenca.  She speaks very good English, is a newlywed, and could use some extra money.  I will post a separate blog with her qualifications and her services. 

I will post some photos of our new place after we move in.  Hasta luego!!  Sue


  1. If you want a top notch recliner, go to Colineal, they have some Stratoloungers that are awesome, and made to our U.S. sizes!

  2. I'll just start off this comment by apologizing for preaching...

    Don't buy a recliner! Buy comfortable shoes and start hiking and doing core exercises to strengthen those back muscles.

    Now, that I have that out of the way. Sorry things have been a bit rough. Hope the move and shopping goes well.

  3. Congratulations on moving to a new place, and at a very exotic country at that. I've visited Ecuador, and I just love the UNESCO World Heritage site. I hope that your move to Cuenca, Ecuador would be a very pleasant experience for you. =)

    Shaunda Devins

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