Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miscellaneous Pics

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging as often as I thought I would (for those of you back home).  It just seems weird to blog about our daily life because it would seem so boring to everyone else.  But as the days as have gone by, I have taken some pictures around Cuenca that I think might interest some of my friends or family.  So these are for you.

Caitlin, I saw this High School Musical lamp in a store front and thought of you.

This microbrewery pic is for my son-in-law, Evan, who likes to brew his own beer.

Pat took some bread to Parque Calderon and fed the pigeons.  We don't think he was supposed to feed them since no one else seems to be doing it.  But we don't think it is against the law or anything.  Let's hope not.

This was a beautiful day in Parque Calderon.  I couldn't resist another picture of the church.

This is a picture of a branch of the Rio Tomebamba that runs in front of our apartment building.  Pat and I were sitting on a big boulder down in this part of the river a couple of weeks ago.  And then after all of the rain that we had last week, I took the following picture of the same view:

The river was almost out of its banks.  Here are a couple of other shots of the river from last week:

The river was quite a sight to behold!!  And VERY loud!!

Then, we were walking through Millenium Mall and saw this picture in front of the Papa John's there, so I took this picture for all of our friends and family in Louisville, especially Tiffany Caldwell who works at the Papa John's home office.

Well, when we are not enjoying walking around Cuenca, I have been spending some time learning Spanish.  I have been attending a church called Verbo Iglesia in Cuenca on Sundays.  It is a contemporary Christian church with a wonderful spirit.  They also offer a English interpreter if you want one.  My understanding of Spanish has gotten much better from the first Sunday that I attended (when I felt like I understood nothing) until the one that I attended yesterday (week 6-where I feel like I understand about every fifth or sixth word).  So I feel like I am getting better at understanding the language.  That is until someone starts asking me something in Spanish and I totally freeze up.  Here is a picture of Verbo Iglesia:

A picture of Verbo Iglesia

Well, that is it for today.  Until next time, hasta luego, Sue


  1. Well it looks like you are getting to know your new country. Glad you are adapting well and learning Spanish. How is Pat doing with the language? We are headed to Louisville for a summer visit. Checking out some lake property but still just looking. Was thinking Bill could never handle the Kentucky heat. But as I sit in Duluth Minnesota with 48 degree temps, I am thinking he's just going to have to because i am really missing summer.

  2. Sue, have you ever been some place where pigeons are fed? It can get messy very quickly. Parque Calderon is a very clean park, but it wouldn't be for long if thousands of pigeons are using it for a eatery and bathroom.